Live Event Streaming

Our professional team will review all customer event requirements so as to ensure ease of access for your viewers and reliable, smooth video playback. CAST TIME® provides complete solutions for live TV and radio channels, conferences, live concerts.


Total Workflow Automation

A complete solution for storing and reproducing media up to full HD quality over the internet. Additional content and various advertising layers. Easy to manage, web interface to operate and administrate content archives and customers usage. Huge storage capacities on server based world wide Distribution Network to provide fast and stable access to clients and end customers. Full compatibility with all CAST TIME® completing technologies – LIVIDUS™, SATIUS™ and PRESENTIUS™.

Video Monetization Platform

CAST TIME® provide a variety of advertising solutions thanks to CAST TIME® VAST-compatible Ad framework plugin which enables Video/Text/Banners layered over live and on-demand streaming content. Pre/Post roll video interactive ads are also supported.

Video App Development

Flash, HTML5 & Silverlight

Building streaming video application requires expertise in many fields. The CAST TIME® team includes experts in each of these fields - that work synergistically towards bridging the gaps between these fields and allow your ideas to come to fruitation.

Mobile Streaming

Any Device, Anywhere

Native streaming on every Device, Broadcast On-demand / Live stream over HTTP to IPhone/IPad/IPod/Android/Windows 8 Mobile Devices. No codec/plugin installation is required on the viewer end thanks to CAST TIME®'s state-of-the-art HTML5 Mobile framework design.

CMS - Interface with External Systems

The OVIDIUS™ system incorporates bi-directional advanced web services and metadata exchange. The system may also utilize API interfaces for additional functionality and communication with external customer systems.

OTT Platform

Complete End To End Solution

Use the CAST TIME services to provide access to live TV and radio channels via the internet from any personal computer, mobile device or CAST TIME STB (Set Top Box).

Adaptive CDN Infrastracture

Flash, iOS, Silverlight

CAST TIME's advanced UK and Middle-East based CDN's have been developed utilizing proprietary technology developed in-house. Hybrid CDN design means that media is prepared for appropriate distribution to any platform or device – while generating just a single URL per media piece to place on the customer web site.