CAST TIME® – Next-Gen Media Delivery


CAST TIME empowers publishers, media firms, service providers, and telecom operators with an extensive suite of video delivery solutions and a robust Content Delivery Network (CDN). Our cutting-edge platform revolutionizes the video delivery experience, enabling content owners and publishers to tailor their own video delivery solutions with cross-platform support. From seamless video ingestion and transcoding to efficient publishing, monetization, and advanced event-based analytics, we offer a comprehensive suite of tools. Moreover, our innovative peer-to-peer Video MESH CDN (PEERNAP™) enhances delivery efficiency and reliability, ensuring an unparalleled viewing experience for audiences worldwide.


The CAST TIME® next-gen media delivery platform is currently live and is utilized daily by leading national television networks, telecom operators, and other content providers to broadcast bufferless, reliable, high-definition video experiences to millions of viewers over the Internet. Our customers consistently report experiencing significantly higher quality, less image degradation, and reduced latency when utilizing the CAST TIME next-gen media delivery platform.