Content Management - Made Simple

A complete solution for storing and managing media up to full HD quality – for subsequent broadcast over the internet. Additional content, text and various advertising layers may be added to the main media item. An intuitive and easy to use web interface enables processing of media through predefined workflow routes. System managers may administrate content archives and monitor customers usage. Huge storage capacities on globally based distribution networks provide fast and stable access to system managers and high quality viewing to end customers. The OVIDIUS™ content management system offers full compatibility and integration with all other CAST TIME® technologies including LIVIDUS™, SATIUS™ and PRESENTIUS™.


High Performance Video On Demand management platform. Manage all aspects of media upload, content enhancement, encoding, and scheduling via a single management dashboard. Our cloud based content management system provides a powerful dashboard to content managers, that enables them to manage all aspects of media storage, monetization, scheduling and integration to presentation platforms. Create as many playlists as needed from banks of video clips.

It Can Be This Easy!