Ingest Workflow - Media Upload Automation

Pre-define as many ingest/upload folders and workflows as required. Then drop your video files into the appropriate folder for automated encoding, subsequent processing - and Media Delivery. We handle any video format that your video editing system produces. Your video editors save substantial time by eliminating unnecessary video conversions. Allow external users to drop their video footage (User Generated Content) into pre-defined folders for automated encoding and upload into the manager preview/authorize view panel. Only media screened and authorized will be distributed.

1. Upload Any File

2. Workflow Automation

3. Media Delivery

Components Are 100% Integrated

A myriad of technologies, applications and interfaces are required in order to deliver your Video Content to your selected audience. You may then wish to include appropriate advertising options, related video content (outbraining), customize the video player with your own logo and branding, interface to an Ad serving platform and to your own Content Management System. If the various system components are sourced from different vendors and service providers, this can be an extremely daunting undertaking due to incompatibilities. We at CAST TIME® believe this entire process should be 100% transparent to you, the content owner, publisher or broadcaster. You describe your vision of the ideal system – and we implement. It can be that simple.